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Every Product Line Get's It's Signature Thumbprint with a Global Strategy Increasing Revenue...

  • 1 hour
  • From 1,500 US dollars

Service Description

"BRANDING YOU IN THE NEW" Every Product Line Get's It's Signature Thumbprint with a Global Strategy Increasing Revenue exceptionally and internationally with never seen before customers that shift from being your brands Fans into becoming your brands Family. WELCOME TO "BUILD WHILE YOU HEAL!" - Branding You In The New & The Next BEST YOU!!! Are you a Brand In your own right ready to expand in monetization and global satisfaction? Are you in the Entertainment Industry? Are you In Ministry? Do You Have a Product Idea or Vision and Feel stuck or stagnant? Are you missing that one thing that can place you at the top verses in the middle or at the bottom of where you know you are Ultimately called to be? Are you uncertain what steps to take next or what direction is ideal for your new season of breakthrough...In need of a REAL TEAM?! Reyna Joy Banks has catapulted Brands, Companies, Labels, Ministries, Artist's, Talent, marriages, Celebs and more into unstoppable levels in any and every season of their career, life and legacy. Through FHG Entertainment LLC. she has built teams that define "LEVELING UP"... We build the ideal blueprint to your NEW and you're NEXT... That everyone is waiting to see and partner with!!! It's Simple... YOU ARE THE ONE and the World is being prepared for you to be presented and to show up the RIGHT & BEST WAY YET!!! IN A WAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!! Every Tool you need we have it... Trust the Process and Let's Launch or Relaunch you in the Greatest Way that never existing until RIGHT NOW!! TIERS 1 - 3 (DEPENDING ON ALL THAT YOU NEED) SILVER PLAN: $1,500.00 GOLD PLAN: $3,000.00 PLATINUM PLAN: $5,000.00 MARKETING BLUEPRINT: $2,000.00 Laying Out Full Strategy To begin aligning all details and prep for execution. PICK TIER 2 OR 3 ON WEBSITE! GATHER ALL ASSETS: Vision | Design | Photos | Photoshoot | Content Creation | Packaging Blueprint |Possible Partnerships | Demographics | General Market IMPLEMENT STRATEGY: Gather all assets | Visual Concepts Shot | Setting everything in motion | Timeline Set | Newsletter Preps | Bi-Weekly Meetings ALL STEP LOADING: Branded Website | Product Line Branded | Packaging Completed | Socials Branded | Press Releases | Database Compiled START MARKETING CAMPAIGN: ALL ASSETS LAUNCH & AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ORDER TO CULTIVATE, CONNECT, CREATE AND CATAPULT YOU WHERE YOUR OVERFLOW RUNS OVER LIKE NEVER SEEN OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE!

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