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Our Hairstylist are changing the game specializing in creating the ideal signature looks on sets...

  • 3 hr
  • From 300 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our Hairstylist are changing the game specializing in creating the ideal signature looks on sets all over the world. Making women and men look, feel, own their greatest moments in time rather the lead Artist, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Rapper, CEO, Public Figure and more. Rather a 8 hr. day to a 6 month + Project, everyday their work speaks for itself and turns heads defining the looks for every vision in excellence. DAY RATE FOR PHOTOSHOOTS: $550.00 MINIMUM PER 1-4 HR DAY | $800.00 MINIMUM PER 4-8 HR DAY DAY RATE FOR FILMED SHOOTS: $1000.00 MINIMUM PER 1-4 HR DAY | $1,500.00 MINIMUM PER 4-8 HHR DAY DAY RATE FOR SHOW DAYS: $2,000.00 MINIMUM PERR 8 HR DAY GLAM AND GO: $300 MINIMUM PER BOOKING NEED EXTENSIONS PURCHASED MAX RATE: $1,000.00 PER PERSON (EXTENSIVE PROJECTS DAY RATES/FLAT RATES ARE NEGOTIABLE) Our HAIRSTYLIST'S are booked For Everything Hair across the globe for your day to day glam lifestyle looks, Day In The Life Content, Special Events, Commercials, Music Videos, Live TV Shows, Scripted Tv Series, Branding Campaigns, Feature Films, Short Films, Live Events, Fashion Shows, Industrials, Tours, Award Shows, Product Launch Events, Corporate Launch Parties, Movie Premiere's, Red Carpet Events, weddings, conferences, Sports events, workshops worldwide and more. From the start to the end of a production they mastermind the look you need per talent, per project and per moment that needs to be define with greatness! Rather if It's Dramatic, Simple, Sheik, Wispy, Extraordinary, Wavy, Calm, Long Lasting, Color intrigued, Length indulging and more our Hairstylist bring the top tier level of excellence in any and every look no matter race, Ethnicity, Demographics, Length of natural hair or hair needs.. They have you and everything they o goes un matched and untouched. You want the best... You are in the right place! You can see our full lists of Hairstylist in Our Partnered "ALL IN ONE ENTERTAINMENT APP" as well! "Everything you need All In One App.. NO One Get's Left Behind!"

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