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All Books Have A Message That Needs to Be Read and Heard! Your Book Is Next and This World Needs It

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Service Description

FHG ENTERTAINMENT LLC believes All Books Have A Message That Needs to Be Read and Heard! Your Book Is Next and This World Needs It more now than ever. You don't have to be known to sell a book... you have to have a story with a pure heart that then is cultivated by a Team of people who can create a strategy to market your book and connect it to the right places and spaces where it can then be Catapulted across the entire world. Anything is possible when you are doing what you love because what you love is paving the way for your Legacy to unfold in a whole new way. This is Our Book Marketing process no matter what phase you are in we have what you need at any and every level: EDITING | LAYOUT | PACKAGING | PUBLISHING | AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE: $1,500 - $5,000 (VARIES PER BOOK + PROJECT DURING CONSULTATION) CONSULTATION BOOK VISION: (Must Book 1st To Start Any Book Marketing Process) ZOOM CALL To Review Synopsis of BOOK + Timeline & Services Needed W/ FHG TEAM EDITING PROCESS BEGINS: (If Needed) COPY EDIT = $0.029/Word Edits for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, clarity, consistency, and general formatting. LINE EDIT & CONTENT REVIEW = $0.039/Word ~ Editing: grammar, punctuation, readability, flow, diction, syntax, and minor rewriting and restructuring on the phrasal level. ~ Review and Feedback: detailed commentary on the manuscript’s flow, structure, cohesiveness, story arc, character development, marketability, readability, and any other issues that may affect the quality of the work. LINE EDITING PLUS = $0.075/Word ~ Two hours of direct phone consultation with the line editor to discuss the manuscript and their revisions and recommendations ~ Line editing with content review ~ A second round of review to assess post-edit changes ~ Final “cold read” edit by a second editor ~ A custom-written query letter for targeting agents and publishers PACKAGING X PUBLISHING: Final Designs x Book Layouts x Inserts Self Publishing Process + Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram & More! RETAINER FOR MARKETING BUILDOUT + 20% PAYOUT ONTOP OF ALL BOOKINGS AND DEALS SEALED FOR YOU! MARKETING BLUEPRINT: (Pick 1-2 Branding + Production + Marketing Services) Detailed Marketing Blueprint For Your Book Social Awareness + Newsletter Campaigns + Press Releases PITCHING PROCESS: Lining Up The Events And Future Pop-Ups For Book Sells x Appearances x Speaking Engagements BOOK TOUR + BOOKINGS: BARNES & NOBLES + Theatre Settings & BOOKING DATES (Local - Global)

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