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Our track record of productions has consistently and VIRALLY created a sound upon this earth and catapulted brands across the world into their greatest levels of influence, sustainability and overflow.

FHG ENTERTAINMENT LLC has over 14 years of success stories and experience throughout all bodies of work in every industry, different countries and diverse clients globally.

We have mastered the beauty of taking something from nothing and making it into a global masterpiece in all styles of content development, creation, strategy, implementation and execution. 

We believe every brand, business, ministry, product, artist, project and more deserves to prosper in a global way of expansion at its best. So we have in house teams and contractors that come together to make every dream into an everyday reality!


You will receive a very Generous Financial Gift of
 10% Per persons Total Balance Paid

that you refer to us for Any Production Services.
Will you Help Us Bless People & Brands All Over The World?!



Creative Director

Our Creative Directors are viral innovators who focus on your ultimate vision at hand. Honing in on creating a masterpiece, building a team to implement and execute every strategy laid; while branding every intricate piece into the most dynamic global tapestry.



Our Choreographer's cultivate and catapult creative ideas in excellence with great expertise. Authentic Original Movement that captivates the audience of billions globally. Telling every story that one needs the world to see, feel and become better from creating moments that make life better for everyone. 



Our Videographer's bring a fresh look to every production we work on. They create an authentic approach through the direction of the Creative Director and clients strategic vision at large. There isn't anything they can't do and any moment rather intense action, slow motion, impactful, emotional, in the sky, on land or underwater they will capture it and execute it perfectly.



Our Dancers are thriving and residing all over the globe. Gracing stages, movie scenes, tv sets, commercial campaigns, award shows, live productions and world renown tours with the Artist's that you ever so love. Well versed in all styles of dance on a highly sought after professional level our dancers are diverse and from all backgrounds bringing magic to every vision that is ready to thrive worldwide.


Hair Stylist

Our Hairstylist are changing the game specializing in creating the ideal signature looks on sets all over the world. Making women and men look, feel, own their greatest moments in time rather the lead Artist, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Rapper, CEO, Public Figure and more. Rather a 8 hr day to a 6 month + Project, everyday their work speaks for itself and turns heads defining the looks for every vision  in excellence.


Casting Director

Our Casting Directors have access to talent all over the world in every area of the Arts and Entertainment and with our New "All In One Entertainment APP" it's even easier to cast the best talent for your project from anywhere across the world at anytime. 


Production Assistant

Our Production Assistants are top tier working on all projects across all industries, bringing excellence and order to every production at hand. Rather if it's a tour, live show, awards show, Tv, Film, Music Video, Live event, Commercial they bring peace of mind from start to finish creating every Clients Dream.



Our Photographer's capture the power of every moment rather in stillness or in action. They bring light and life to every campaign, shoot, product and production at hand. The behind the scenes, the on set, the great outdoors; while even under the sea. They are always creating captivated moments at hand and all of the beauty in between. 


Make Up Artist

Our MUA are the most gifted ones in the industry. Being able to not only do all nationalities, shades, race and ethnicities of women and men's faces is Top Tier. This being so rare in our industries and yet always needed. From Tv Shows, Featured Films, Commercials, Live events, award shows, productions, Weddings and more... Our MUA are consistently booked all over the world to date.


Wardrobe Stylist

Our Wardrobe Stylist are capturing the eyes of millions of people across the globe. With their work gracing stages, arenas, Tv screens, Movie Theatre's, Major Feature Films, your favorite shows and favorite speakers, talent, celebrities walking the red carpet to appearing at events of a lifetime. With access to the greatest fashion houses, costume houses, designers and pulls for days with profound relationships. Truly the piece to every visionary's puzzle.


Schedule A Call For These Packages & Rates Below:

Artist Development

A Mastermind Program that has successfully catapulted the careers of Artist globally for over 1 decade. Not only preparing them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for their sustainable Legacy in the music Industry but to define greatness on a foundation set that is meant to last a lifetime rather on stage, touring, in rehearsals, in recording studios and more.

Celeb Collab x Partnerships

Having influencer's and celeb's partner with your brand, vision and product is huge. It not only takes your brand awareness from local to global, but it expands the level of revenue your business is called to obtain every week and month. We have a pull of all of the above that take great pride in wearing your brand, representing your brand, posting your brand and partnering with your brands legacy.

Content Creative Team

A Remarkable Dream Team from every diverse background  & culture bringing life to every vision, brand, set, production, social media rollout with a viral experience in global expansion. The excellence in content development from the strategy to implementation, to shoot days is what turns your fans into family, followers into buyers and hundreds into millions. 

PSA's | Interviews | BTS

Rather a Full Production or a Small production nothing is worth going un-produced and we do it all. With high quality equipment in house and a full production team that shoots top of the line content rather in stillness, action, live or pre-recorded with dynamic editing experts your story becomes legendary for people to experience you across the world. Your Voice matters!

Product Production & Launch

Every Product has a voice and we help you in finding that voice, defining it, capturing it, packaging it, branding it, marketing it and launching it from beginning to end. The Story is what draws the people and once you draw the people they consistently want to stay up to date with what's new and what's next. From online to in stores where every dream becomes your reality. VISION is KEY!

Live Show | Tour | Tv

From our 12 years of a powerful background in developing, creating, booking and executing live shows, tours, tv show Concepts, Conferences, Concerts and more this service is one of a kind tailored to your exact needs per project, per vision, per event. What ever you envision with your budget in mind we will deliver and make your dream come true within that exact price.

"Reyna Joy Banks is a young woman of considerable insight and compassion. Her deep soul connection to God should be an inspiration to us all. And I'm sure the story of her journey will carry an anointing to everyone who reads and studies her message."

- Richard L Brooks (TV & Film Actor)

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